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About Us

About the DeSoto Family Wellness Center

DeSoto Family Wellness Center developed from an idea based on a need in our community for individuals and family members to get the best overall mental and physical care possible. We expanded an established mental health practice, Patricia M. Wright, PhD and Associates, and added a diverse and highly qualified family medical group of providers. At Desoto Family Wellness Center, we believe that health includes care of the mind, body, and spirit. We believe that consideration of an individual’s religious and cultural beliefs is a part of excellent care. Research shows that the mind-body connection plays an important role in and can improve the quality of life. We work together as a team to provide optimal, efficient, personalized care to help improve every aspect of healthcare for an individual’s needs. Whether it is mental or physical health, we have the capability to provide healthcare to individuals across the lifespan. 


We are excited for you to meet our teams and the skills they bring to help guide you to a healthy lifestyle.

Core Values

People have asked me, “What do you value the most in starting Desoto Family Wellness Center ?” That’s a very easy question for me to answer. It is our patients and their well being, their health, and how they feel about themselves are our values. We value what our patients have to say, so we listen. We value how our patients feel, so we develop plans with them that will promote good health. Studies have shown what a person thinks affects how they feel, along with conditions such as anxiety, depression, and poor habits such as lack of exercise, unhealthy diets, and lack of sleep are just some of the major contributions to physical illnesses. By combining physical and mental health under one roof, and having our providers communicate quickly, we can promote the best care for your whole family and for individuals. 


In a few words... we value you and desire the best for you! 

Carroll Hoselton 
President & Co-Owner of Desoto Family Wellness Center
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