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Same Day Services

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Same day care services are services which require immediate care (same or next day). At Desoto Family Wellness, we believe it is of the utmost importance to have continuity of care with your primary care provider. While urgent cares are a necessary part of the healthcare system, we believe it is important that if possible, all same day visits should be handled by your PCP who is familiar with your health history.


A few examples of services we provide in this area:

  • Sinus infection treatment

  • Urinary tract infection treatment (bladder/kidney infections)

  • Minor wound treatment (minor scrapes, burns, cuts)

  • Incision and drainage of small to medium boils

  • Muscle strain and sprain treatment (back, neck, ankle pain)

  • Migraine treatment

  • Viral illness treatment (i.e., Influenza, COVID-19, gastroenteritis)

  • Sexually transmitted disease treatment

  • Acute Care for children ages 2 years and older

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